Monday, June 12, 2006

I am so thankful

I am so thankful for all of you who came out to the Sunday night presentation on New Wineskins and the upcoming General Assembly. Your questions were thoughtful and your responses to me were gracious and encouraging.
I mentioned that my worst-case-scenario would be if the GA did nothing--if it just kept on with the debate of the last 30 years. It goes against the Biblical mandate to let our "yes be yes, and our no be no." Yet it is possible that this is what will happen.
I was just reading the musings of a delegate to the convention of the Episcopalian Church which is meeting concurrently with our general assembly. His concerns are the same. Institutions have a sense of self-preservation that belies the truth. The temptation is to "fudge" our statements so that we don't ruffle feathers. This is what the Episcopalian priest said:

"We want to stay in the family simply APPEARING to accede to the recommendations clearly presented in the Windsor Report [demanding correct Biblical sexual behavior] and then continue to do “our thing”. We certainly want to TALK the TALK and evade the WALK!
I looked in ROGET’S 21st CENTURY THESAURUS IN DICTIONARY FORM and found it….the word is FUDGE (v) fake, misrepresent and it read…
'Avoid, color,cook-up, dodge, embellish, embroider,
Equivocate, evade, falsify, exaggerate, falsify, hedge,
Magnify, overstate, pad, patch, shuffle, slant, stall.'"

Please pray that our GA will have the integrity and courage to speak boldy.

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