Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Today, Chrissie and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. I do my best to be romantic and figured that the GA would do the trick.

Seriously, we took some time out this evening and just spent time together. One of the greatest blessings of my life is my wife and best friend. We have known each other for 43 years, so we have something good going for us. It is important to reflect, in the midst of a meeting that defies traditional and scriptural teachings on marriage and sexuality, that God's design of marriage is a wonderful, pleasurable, rewarding, supportive, and encouraging thing.

Marriage doesn't get a lot of good press in our culture. In a throw-away society, there is little thought given to life-long committments of any kind. This is so sad. If people could just know how wonderful life can be when living according to God's law, they'd never seriously consider anything else.

I thank God for my life-long partner and friend, Chrissie.


Dave Moody said...

AMEN! Congratulations and may there be many more!

Charles Welden said...

Congratulations and PTL for men of your Biblical conviction Don't ever give up There are MANY who agree

Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless you and may you continue to recognize and celebrate God's blessings.

Rev Dave said...

Congratulations! It's strange, but tomorrow is my 38th birthday. Funny to think I was starting my life at the same time you and your wife were starting your life together.

The Devil's Advocate said...


~Heather Underwood

joseph benham said...

Another Presbyterian steered me to your GA reports, and I thank God for him and for you.
Adoption of the PUP/pap puts the PCUSA in the same league as the Federal Trade Commission, which allows companies avoid punishment law-breaking by saying 'We didn't do it and we promise not to do it again'.
No wonder we're losing 40,000 members a year, mostly to churches who remember their evangelical roots and mission.
Speaking of mission: how tragic that those running the PCUSA are eliminating dozens of missionary posts. We can fund trips to the Holy Land to hobnob with Hezbollah and other terrorists, but we can't pay for missions. Some priority!
The name of yhour church certainly brings a bell. Bryant Kirkland was a beloved and inspiring pastor and he and Bernice were treasured friends during and after his years at Fifth Avenue Presbytgerian. How he would be saddened to see what has happened to that great church and to our denomination since he left us.
Joseph Benham, Kerrville TX
PS: No need to use initials or a pseudonym on these comments.