Sunday, June 18, 2006

Committee Decisions

Most of the committees have completed their business. All of their recommendations will be forwarded to the plenary session of GA which starts tomorrow (Monday) morning. Then it's all back to square one, because the GA can undo or redo anything changed by committees. It can choose simply to receive reports without taking any action.

What has been decided?
• The polity committee recommends against a mandatory per-capita assessment.
• The same committee has also recommended against allowing congregations leaving the denomination and taking their property with them.
• The ecclesiology committee has approved PUP almost as-is and recommends such approval by the whole body. Rumor is that there will be a minortiy report. A minority report is from the opposite side, and will be considered by the GA.
• The church orders committee has approved a theological paper on the Trinity which contains some controversy over how we should address or "name" God. There is even some controversy as to whether the committee has included an amendment that demotes Jesus in relationship to God the Father/Mother/Source...

I have read the paragraph in question and do not believe that it does so, but I CAN see how someone could twist the wording (even though it is taken out of Scripture) to do mischief. The phrase in question is "Jesus is the very image of God."

I'll keep you posted on the debate that starts tomorrow. The posts will be late, because business goes until 10pm. Keep us all in your prayers.

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