Thursday, November 02, 2006

Comment Publishing Standards

Just a reminder to all that we will not publish, or will remove, comments that are ad hominem, use vulgar language or, in our opinion, are either redundant or surly (or both). I will also remove posts that are just trying to get under my skin. Serious and dignified disagreement is welcome.

Those of you who continue to send in anonymous comments can get published if you use one of the several options given to you before you post. You can sign your post, or mark one of the two options that identify you.

I appreciate the fact that you all take the time to respond. While I may not like what you say, I want to be able to post it. I will try, though, to raise the bar on decency. Thanks.



Deacon Matt said...

My bad.

I sent an anonymous note the other day in response to Tom's note on the EPC presbytery. I wondered why it wasn't posted. Now I see an explanation. The reason I sent it anonymously is that things aren't overly friendly in these parts and would rather not give anyone in the presbytery here a reason to start anything.

If it is still possible to post that comment I sent in the other day I would appreciate it. I will now see if I can send this note using the standards you have set, which are fine and dandy.

Or just sign me off as Deacon Matt

Jim Loughlin said...

In light of all the discussion about theology, here is a great opportunity to dive in to with some great folks. On Nov. 4 - 7 Dale Bruner, Elsie McKee and David Peterson will be at First Presbyterian Tulsa (Sat and Sun) and Univ. of Tulsa (Mon and Tues) for the Welch lectures. It is free, just call 631-2546 to let them know you are coming.

Sat 9:30 AM coffee
Sat 10 AM Dale Bruner on the Gospel of John
Sun 8 AM Dr. Petersen preaching
Sun 9:30 AM Dr. Petersen in the Great Hall, Bernsen Bldg.
Sun 9:30 AM Dr. Bruner and Dr McKee in the Sanctuary
Mon. 10 AM Lecture (Dr. McKee) and Plenary discussion – Faculty Study, McFarlin Library at TU
Mon 11:45 Lunch - Sharp Chapel Atrium at TU (yes, it is free)
Mon 1 PM Afternoon lecture (Dr. Peterson) and Plenary discussion - McFarlin Library at TU
Mon. 7 PM Lecture (Dr. Bruner) and Plenary discussion at First Pres. Sanctuary
Mon. 8:30 – Dessert!
Tues 10 AM Lecture and Plenary discussion with all 3 at McFarlin Library – TU

My friend Bill Welch, who sponsors this, would be thrilled if you would come to some or all of the sessions.

Ted Rossier said...

Would that I could, Jim, but alas I live elsewhere and have a real job (some would disagree!).

For anyone in the OKC area, we have the George Whitefield Society which presents lecture series during the year and the OKC conference on Reformed Theology annually in September-October.


Jim Loughlin said...

I should have included the topics for the discussions:

Mon AM "Diakonia in Calvin's Geneva and the Democratic Republic of Congo"
Mon PM "Generosity and the Sovereignty of God"
Mon night "An Exposition of the Prologue to the Gospel of John"

Added feature: Sunday 5 PM concert at FPC - Mozart's Coronation Mass plus other anthems.