Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Decision To Come Thursday

Judge Sellers listened attentively while both sides presented their cases before the court. We were in court for an hour. Judge Sellers will take all of the evidence under advisement and give us his ruling at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 26th.


Katie said...

you & your congregation are in my prayers!

JC said...

As an attorney, I can only say that you are fighting an uphill battle. The denomination has clearly stated the trust provisions in its Book of Order, which is a document that, far from hidden, is subscribed to by every officer of the church. To try and escape its provisions now will be a legal stretch. Ethically, (which is not the same as legally) it is the best example of hypocrisy I've seen in a long time. For a congregation to ignore the strictures of a Constitution because it feels the denomination it is a part of does not follow that self-same Constitution is a logic so convoluted, a hypocrisy so brazen, it would be funny were it not so terribly sad.


Annan Ymous said...

Just tell your followers to remember Romans 13:1-7 when the verdict comes down. It will not be a time for rash acts.

trumpet worship said...

Hmmm. Trust. Interesting word. Seems it was broken years ago.

Legalists 2000 years ago were called Pharisees. How many Pharisees do you find in heaven?

Sorry about the sarcasm Tom. This situation is starting to grate on me. One way or another you are free this week. I am praying for you and the congregation at Kirk. May the Lord bless your flock.


Anonymous said...

JC's comments must be coming from Louisville!

A valid covenant takes 'two to tango', as they say.

The PC(USA) is not living up to their end of the bargain when they act as if they are nothing more than a property trust corporation.

Today the PC(USA) must choose-- Are we governed by the laws of Mammon or Christ?

My prayers go with you in this battle!

BugAhaBuc said...

Your integrity shines brightly.
Case in point, having no fear to show the lies of the enemy as they are spewn by jc.

Of course, the enemy knows that one voice of doubt takes many fold more of encouragement to overcome such caustic misinformation.

Your words tonight have sewn further faith into your fold.

Like I have said before, my family and I are so proud of you and your leadership staff.

Regardless of the decisions of men, you are following the course of the Father. Yet, the future may seem uncertain to the finite limits of our mortal minds, the Creator of The Universe has His plans set and He will be glorified.

You congregation stands behind you.
-blessings to you and you family.

JC said...


Wow. So now comments intended as a legal and ethical statement are "lies of the enemy?" And you wonder why your church is the scorn of the pcusa? Is this how you are being taught to think by your pastoral staff? And Toby decides that I am from Louisville? Next thing you know, the black helicopters will be in flight.

Tom, you have single-handledly created a paranoid congregation. Congratulations.


Anonymous said...

To all:

Notice how JC refuses to address the issues and just throws mud.

Kirk of the Hills is the 'scorn of the pcusa'(sic)?

JC: Please go somewhere else to spew your slander!

DrMom said...

An attorney's opinion is just that, an opinion. Every attorney feels that their case has legal merit. 50% of them are wrong.

Phillip J. owings said...

boy, old jc has his underwear in a wad. i'm not sure about his ability to do objective discovery as a member of the court.

i am part of your paranoid following that lives in fear and trembling of the all high and mighty pcusa. given all of our fear and paranoia we will still move forward and listen to God's low volume but sure leading.