Saturday, August 26, 2006

ALERT update 1

Our attorneys have talked with presbytery representatives and have gotten them to back off from attempting to take over the worship services tomorrow. We'll see, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Be steadfast. You are children of God. Jesus is head of your church, not PCUSA or your Presbytery!

Gus Stangline said...

I can't understand how GA can vote to allow churches to ignore the Book of Order for spiritual matters and still be of a mind to enforce the Book of Order when it comes to secular things i.e. church property. Has our denomination drifted so far away from our roots that we can no longer see Christ, the Son of the Living God!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your decision to leave the PCUSA. I think that more will be following which is what Louisville is afraid of. I'll be praying for your success.
G.W. G.

D. Wille said...

Tom and Wayne, Thank-you both for keeping us in the loop during this transition. We will be with you tomorrow and I am praying for a peaceful transition. D.W.

Anonymous said...

The next step is they're going to change the locks on the Kirk, probably when you're not looking. I wouldn't put it past them to do it TONIGHT. I mean, they said they wouldn't send the pastors, but they didn't mention anything about this.

If you haven't done it already, I think NOW is the time to hire 24-hour, armed, ex- (or current and off-duty) police officer security to patrol your property.

I hate to add more stress to your lives, but this church belongs to members of the Kirk, and there's a good chance PCUSA is about to try to steal it right out from under your nose. There's a long history of their buddies the ECUSA doing this, and I believe they've done it before as well.

This isn't war, but you already know that it's time to protect yourselves. Don't expect them to act with integrity. You no longer have any reason to.


mark hildebrand said...

I am certain that the Kirk membership will conduct themselves with the utmost grace, should any presbytery interference occur. Indeed, the "high road" will be a much greater witness to our trust in God's ultimate provision for those who choose to obey Him.

"For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro thoughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." (2Chronicles 16:9)

Mark Hildebrand

Pamela Cook said...

Pastor Tom,

Thank you for being such an example for standing up for what's right. I have never been to your church but I have worked with some over the years. One person that has submitted blog entries the past few days, Jim Loughlin, I realize is still a member there. I have great memories of conversations Jim and I use to have back in the day. I also remember your radio program on KXOJ. I listened every afternoon while coming home from work. Just from those programs I knew that you had a heart for Christ.

I have been praying for you and your congregation. I have also had friends of mine across the country praying on your behalf. There are a lot of issues that you are facing and continue to face. I sincerely feel that you and others that have the courage to step up to the plate and challenge those that dare to preach another gospel and call themselves Christians will start a revival in this nation. It will also help those that may be a little concerned to step out.

Pastor Tom, the Lord has your back. You will not be ashamed ever for standing up for Christ. There must be a difference in those that know the Lord and those that do not. You are indeed one that is submitted to Christ. You will be blessed. I know that you will be able to sleep knowing that Christ is pleased. He will give you the grace to press forward as a strong soldier in His army.

John Brandt said...

My prayer is that the Lord continue to confuse and confound those who seem to have the votes to lead PCUSA as they choose to walk another way than Scripture clearly teaches. Remain faithful, Christ is still the Lord of His Church.

Backwoods Presbyterian said...

God Bless. You will be in my prayers.

Russell Smith said...

May the Holy Spirit watch over you all. Though I'm saddened by your congregation's departure from the PCUSA, I certainly empathize. I hope and pray that your folks will be able to go in peace. God bless you and thanks for your consistent stand for Christ and the gospel.

In Christ's Grip

Anonymous said...

As a supportor of all that you are doing, may God Bless and give you Strength to do that which we as a congregation, with God's helping hand, must clearly understand is the path to be taken going forth. Our house of worship will be stronger in faith for having traveled this somewhat bumby road.
(You must know that I have thought about my duty to the County. If the Kirk ceases to be God's House of Worship, because of others grabbing it for non-religious use(Certainly the taking of our Kirk property and land could not be considered the work of the Lord), it may have to be subjected to taxation.)

Your Courage is refreshing and I call on all our Kirk members to join me in praying for your steady leadership and God's guiding hand for each of us in clearly understanding our duty to act and be there Wed night.

Assessor ken

Debbie in Ohio said...

May God bless your efforts! My husband and I left the PCUSA recently because of the actions of the GA. Unfortunately, our pastor, the majority of our session, and Presbytery agreed with the GA's decision. It is encouraging to see an entire church working together in the fight to uphold God's word. My prayer is that many will follow your example.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how you will only let the comments that agree with your position be posted on your blog. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

And we know that God causes things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his Purpose.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I hope you have good legal control of this domain name...

Ford Brett

Anonymous said...

Sound advice for Presbytery

"So in the present case, I say to you, stay away from these men and let them alone, for if this paln or action is of men, it will be overthrown; but if it is of God you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may ven be found fighting against God"

Anonymous said...

It appears that at least publicly, reason has temproarily prevailed. Don't bet the ranch that this will continue to be the case. Nationally, the PCUSA is advocating gestapo

G. Ellsworth said...

You are the vanguard of many who will follow. Reason may have prevailed today, but beware of future Gestapo tactics from your presbytery. GA is on record planning to play hardball with congregations loyal to the Word of God. Having forfeited their right to leadership by example, they have resorted to control by coercion and intimidation.

No man can be coerced or intimidated unless he is double-minded. If his single-minded purpose is obedience to his God, he knows the consequences are in God’s hands. He is only responsible for fighting the good fight.

… the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods …

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers and we will discuss your church's situation at our Session meeting tomorrow.

Dr. H. Schettler
Highland Heights Presbyterian
Cordova, Tennessee

Anonymous said...

As a Kirk member I must say that I am grateful to be a member of a congregation whose leadership has the courage to take a stand against the increasingly worldly and unscriptural practices of the General Assembly. If I did not love Kirk of the Hills for the Christ-centered church that it is I would not still be a member. We are doing the right thing scripturally and morally by leaving PCUSA. I have pledged to follow Christ. And as long as the leadership and congregation of Kirk of the Hills do the same, I will continue to be a member. It is my prayer that the PCUSA leadership would be more concerned about why so many people and congregations are leaving than about maintaining property. I will continue to provide prayerful support for the Kirk of the Hills leadership. And I applaud them for taking such a courageous stand by continuing to "walk in the light."

drmom said...

anonymous quote
"Interesting how you will only let the comments that agree with your position be posted on your blog. Shame on you."

I love how you "anonymous" folks make these silly, baseless claims.

If you'd actually bother to read through the entire blog (heck, you only have to read a couple of entries), you'll see multiple posts that aren't in agreement with the Kirk or Dr Gray. Some of them are outright attacks on Dr Gray and the Kirk. A tiny bit of "research" goes a long way.

Just because there's a lot of support on here doesn't mean that any dissent is being squashed.

NSC said...

To anonymous (2:07 August 27, 2006)
Obviously you are not a regular reader of the posts on this blog. Pastor Tom has graciously posted the comments of several dissenters - Jodie, Mark times 2, Peter and of course there is public theologian just to name a few in the recent blogs who have been his more ardent critics. And I might add just made me want to chuck my computer out the window.

I am always amazed at how Tom and Wayne (and the Kirk and evangelicals)are colored as "shameful" or difficult or unfeeling or just plain mean if we dare to disagree with the "other" side. However they certainly don't have a problem being critical of our behavior.

I for one am proud of the stand that Tom, Wayne and the leadership of the Kirk have taken. I am proud that I attend the Kirk where we stand up for what we believe even if it may cost us dearly.


Renee Guth said...

Pastors Tom and Wayne and the entire Kirk family,

May our Lord bless and strengthen you for the days ahead. You are not alone.

Grace & Peace in Him,

Anonymous said...

As a 22 year Kirk member I am proud to be a part of a body of believers that have the courage to stand up for what we believe. These are exciting times and I for one am not afraid. Bring it on! Gina H.

Paul & Becky Yeager said...

Tom and Wayne (staff & family members),

We can not tell you how very proud we are to be members of the Kirk. Becky was raised Baptist and had no problems "becoming" Presbyterian because of your strong biblical teaching. You all and your families are in our prayres daily for not only spiritual health and discernment, but physical and mental health as well. It it takes a physical toll standing against a tidal wave, but as one blogger quoted from Daniel, God is able to save if he so chooses. We are praying that He so chooses. God bless you and keep you and know how very, very proud we are of you and our leadership.

Paul and Becky Yeager