Thursday, July 20, 2006

The entire convocation is built around worship. Michael Card, a very gifted composer and singer, leads us in worship. As he listens to our speakers, he adjusts his selections of songs to fit the underlying themes and concerns he senses.

Michael, leading worship.

Michael not only sings, but teaches, as well. His teaching and songs are Biblically grounded. It’s obvious that his heart is in tune with the Lord and the Lord’s people. As we get caught up in the problems of the day, we are brought back to the solutions to our problems, Jesus Christ. As we are focused too much on our needs and fears, we are led back to our hope and comfort in Jesus Christ.

Michael’s clear tenor voice soars throughout the sanctuary, lifting up the Lord and, thereby, us, too.

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Thanks for taking time to blog what's going on at the convocation. It helps those of us that can't attend feel close to all that's happening.